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Good but...

I love this game... Just it got boring... I mean I love that you raise a little kitten,grow her, etc, but it just gets boring

Its ok...

At first I liked he game and played it but wasnt addicted, then after a while it just got boring. I think that this game would be way more fun if you could interact with Angela way more!!!!!!! Thats just my opinion.

Very nice game!

I love this game! This game is very fun! I love to play it! Its very fun to look after Angela! But maybe the clothes could cost less money! But I still rate this game 5 stars!

Same cards all the time!

I have gotten all duplicate cards the last 12 times I have leveled up. It is impossible to finish any page at this point.

Stupid, Boring and no point

I played Angela for a week and I get EXTREMELY bored. What the heck is the point?!


So cute and fun

I love it!

I love this game its fun and child friendly! I love almost every about this game! Though itd be nice if I would stop only getting duplicates of cards.


I love this game you dont know how much I play it. Me and my cuz cant stop playing it. You guys should make Angela a toilet in the bathroom.

Its alright

I used to LOVE this game, but, when I got a new phone upgrade, it got wiped from my phone. I tried logging in with Facebook, and previously I was around level 53. But, even though I logged in with Facebook and Game Center, my cat is still sitting at level 1. I dont want to have to start over. A little help on that?

Good but Gets boring

I really liked the app when I first started to play but then by the third day it got really boring. I wanted to earn coins but the only way to do that was either buy them or play games. I kept on playing the games but they got really boring really fast. I wish they would have more games to choose from. Other than that the game is good. But I really hope that the app will soon get new games. If you are going on a trip and only want the app for a couple of minutes then get it. But Im deleting it now because its so boring. Hope this helped! :)


It is a good app but what I am concerned about is there is no daily prizes unlike my Tom

It should be able to level up faster

I level up 83 times faster and I still level up slow. I need to level up way faster. I also never have enough coins . I know you can watch videos and earn coins but only 15 coins per 30 seconds videos. Last Angela should be able to do a fashion show instead of pillows being thrown at her. Thank you!


This game has someone looking at you through Angelas eyes . Trust me

Summer fun

The new update was fun, but can you make there be more stickers? I finished them all and its not really the same


This game is really entertaining

The game

Its cool

Kitty$ cat$ 25705

My Angela is already a teen:( they grow up so fast. Oh well I will just use a kid again potion

I just love it

I also have my tom and now I have the opportunity to dress a girl as well I just love it

Not much..........

This game is really fun but also a bit boring. Maybe if the company of this game could update this game it would be much more........ Well....BETTER thats my opinion on this game

I love it but...

There should be more tasks like tom...he uses the bathroom should be able to me more interactive with Angela .

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